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Culinary success of Iwona Niemczewska from Szczecin

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Iwona Niemczewska, the chef and owner of the “Lustra” restaurant in Szczecin, became the best chef of the region, and her restaurant received three forks in the POLAND 10O BEST RESTAURANTS AWARDS 2015 competition.

The competition was decided on Saturday at a special gala in Toruń. It was the fifth edition of Poland 100 Best Restaurants, and 1096 nominations were submitted to the competition. The 100 best restaurants with the highest number of positive reviews were on the list of Poland 100 Best Restaurants 2015 and were included in this year’s edition of the guide, which is a culinary guide to Poland.

– Of course, I am proud of this award, but I do my own – told us Iwona Niemczewska, who found us preparing scallops. Iwona Niemczewska, a lawyer over 5 years ago, decided to change her life completely and take up cooking. “Man has one life,” she explained her decision. – I’ve gained a lot in the lawyer’s profession. I decided that I would not sit on my laurels, but I will face another area. Why the kitchen? Because I was terrified by the so-called Szczecin style in restaurants, which, by far the best, is not the best. But fortunately it changes. This poor quality of Szczecin’s gastronomy is not a result of the cook’s lack of skills or the lack of willingness to show what he can do. It is primarily the demand that speaks of quality. But the Szczecin people started to travel around the world and can now compare. They learn to demand from the restaurant, from the cook. For her most spectacular dishes, Iwona Niemczewska considers: tatara, octopus, scallops, red borsch and fish soup. – But we also give dishes from outside the card – she adds and explains that guests come to her, who are, for example, allergic, do not tolerate any ingredients, so she prepares special dishes for them.

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