The best definition of the z drugiej strony lustra (Through the looking glass) cuisine is a casual fine dining - signature menu, dishes made of the highest quality, fresh, natural products, served in a relaxing ambience.
 The leading idea is to combine classic French culinary techniques with tradition of various regional cuisines, including also Polish cuisine. These regional inspirations are not only the way we cook, but also that we strive to use as much as possible local ingredients. We use widely Polish regional products, such as goat cheese from Wołczkowo village, pickled vegetables from Kolobrzeg, fish from the Szczecin Bay, asparagus from Gryfino or oscypki (sheep cheese) from Pieniny mountains. Taste, texture and form – those three elements constitute the quality of dishes served by us. In addition to our seasonal menu, we offer something extra every day. We cook from scratch, so we are able to meet individual requests of our guests and consider food intolerances. Our menu always includes vegetarian dishes. We welcome children, for whom we are glad to cook what they like.
 Themed gourmet evenings with tasting menu, organised few times a year is the speciality of the z drugiej strony lustra, always announced in advance through the website, social media and our newsletter. Our desserts are prepared always with the highest quality natural ingredients. The wine list includes nearly one hundred selected labels from all over the wine world .
We will be very pleased to welcome you in z drugiej strony lustra, please feel free to talk about your expectations, I think many of them we will be able to meet
 Iwona Niemczewska with the Team

Iwona Niemczewska – Chef cook and owner z drugiej strony lustra (established in 2011). Graduated in civil law, today is a chef cook and pastry chef. She was awarded by the highest degree Grand Diplome in Le Cordon Bleu in London (the oldest and most renowned culinary school in the world, established in 1895), she was also completed training in the Paul Bocuse Institute in Lyon (almost 90 years old today, Paul Bocuse creator of the nouvelle cuisine, an iconic figure of French cuisine). She was practising in Michelin starred restaurants in London: Murano (one star), Club Gascogne (one star) and Hibiscus (two stars). She is a member of WACS - WORLD ASSOCIATION OF CHEFS SOCIETIES.

Le Grand Diplôme is Le Cordon Bleu's most comprehensive program in French culinary education, combining instruction in both Cuisine and Pastry. Le Cordon Bleu provides students with an entire range of culinary techniques and to helping them to develop their own creativity and artistic expressiion - an opportunity to master French Cuisine and Pastry techniques that can then be applied to other Cuisines of the world. Iwona Niemczewska received Le Grand Diplome certificate in 2014